Your transaction was successful, you will receive a email confirming payment has gone through in the next few minutes. 

Please ensure the party leader arrives at the event first with a copy of the transaction ID as in the email you will receive shortly, and personal identification that he/she is the named person who made the booking as in the receipt containing the transaction ID .

A host from Higher Levels Events will meet you and take you to VIP if you have purchased a VIP Table and provide you with passes for your guests you have attending please ensure that the rest of your party arrive at the same time so things run smoothly as we have no way of identifying your other guests. other wise let your Host know on arrival the names of your guests and what time they are arriving if they are to be delayed. 

You will need the passes at all time to get into the VIP Area .

VIP PASSES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. (Transferring of passes to other persons may lead to being asked to leave.)

The party leader will be provided with refreshments - Please contact your host on the night for your complimentary bottle and mixer.

We are happy you are one of the lucky few to have VIP Access, please enjoy the night to come drink responsibly and we look forward to having you 

Style and Glam™  

This event is hosted by Higher level events.  Tel : 07972649836 - Style and Glam™ Brand has been licensed to higher levels events for this night only.