INTRODUCING SELECTOR VELVET .......Posted 28TH November 2012 

Selector Velvet, Is an all rounder singer, MC and a disc jockey. Currently working on the DJ Circuit alongside UK's 5 x Award Winner ZJ Rudie Rich. As part of a team the duo tour the country doing shows. 

Selector velvet  is his DJ name but when he is not touring doing DJ shows he spends his time working in the other part of the music industry.

SELECTOR VELVET :  for a little bit of time now, i have been recording new material, because as well as being a dj im a recording artiste i sing reggae and i also DJ / MC Reggae , i have recorded several songs over the past couple of years and have some music videos out. I am currently working with some high level producers for tracks for possibly a album but defiantly , look out for some singles soon to be released

STYLE AND GLAM : Tell us about the Red Bull Culture Clash Regional Finals you recently performed at in Bristol and playing at such large shows

SELECTOR VELVET : Well it was quite a big show with an audience of about 1200 people , i am used to doing shows to large crowds , every year i play at the notting hill carnival on my Big Sound System.

 About Red Bull Culture Clash , well my friend Rudie Rich gets a lot of the bookings and recently we have teamed up and so we do a lot of shows together. The clash was good we represented as part of weapons of choice team and played in one of the final rounds of the night , unfortunately being a clash of reggae , drum and bass , electro and all sorts as much as we had the crowd on there feet, the audience were more of a dub step / junglist crowd and that is what won the night , we were up against apple pips crew , black box and clear skies and competed against a good set of djs like bbc Radio 1 Fabio, Flow Dan, N-Type. Our team which included Rudie Rich, Rodney P & Skitz to name a few was strong and dominantly the only sound playing reggae and more so uk hip hop. 

STYLE AND GLAM : i heard on the night your team had puma on board as one of your sponsors plus with an unlimited supply of red bull you must of gained wings

VELVET : (Laughs)  it was a good night , we were taken care of well 

STYLE AND GLAM : are there any shows coming up we should look out for anytime soon?

VELVET : Catch me next weekend on Friday night 7th December at Pandora's Uxbridge rd , George Green, near slough in Berkshire myself , Rudie Rich , Soulja SINDICATE and Rampage and plus as you know im booked for 2 of the many big style and glam events in December in Reading on the 27th at k3 night club alongside Gappy Ranks plus the NEW YEARS EVE show at the island bar and restaurant but  if anyone wants to follow me you can keep up to date with my full schedule at all times by visiting my website :