TENZALICIOUS MIXTAPE.....Posted 17 December 2012

Brand new and Hot of the press " Tenzalicious " the latest Official mix to feature the ever popular Jamaican Born uk female Dancehall Artist, and this mix is exactly what it says it is Tenzalicious!

This mix-tape in my opinion has got to be taking the lead in in the series of Mixtapes released by Austria's Badda Pum Sound, whom sound consists of a trio of female djs : dj squeeze ichiban and dj cutie.

The action packed Mix CD which has a run time of just under 40 mins, consists of 23 tracks including some of Tenza's ever popular smash hit singles. The CD was officially released last friday Dec 14th in Austria at its own official launch party headlined by BADDA PUM SOUND in which Tenza was due to attend and engage with her fans. However due to an unfortunate situation in the UK Which Tenzas TMD Recording studio was broken into the Popular Dancehall artiste was unable to go ahead with the show as certain travel documents also were robbed from the studio. TMD Management have urged for any information leading to the whereabouts of these important documents studio equipment and unreleased material to be bought to there attention.

With some exclusive Dubplate Specials for badda pum sound the all round the presentation from the cd artwork, the mix and the music is spot on point. So all we can say is take a listen. 

The Download link is attached or you can press play.

Writer : ZJ Rudie Rich for Style and Glam Magazine