Now after over 10 years out of the recording studio ZJ Rudie Rich has a catalog of new songs under his belt ready for release. Now we are not talking about Songs produced by Rudie or in fact remixed by Rudie Rich like many of you may know him for in past years, oh no thees are new releases and songs that Rudie Rich the artiste has voiced and recorded in the studio himself. 

Not being shy to music Rudie Started of as an mc and voiced his first track whilst at school which was featured as a sound track for educations the key Channel 4 documentary which also showed in various Caribbean countries such as Barbados 20 years ago. this was a rap track . since then Rudie has featured officially on 2 tracks produced by the infamous coventry duo 'prem' whose works include  making the sound track for the x factor bollywood (india) and Rudie saw one of the tracks featured on heavy rotation on sky tvs zee music channel where rudie featured a 16 bar verse, as he did on both tracks for thus producer.

Whilst on his 2011Feel da bass tour of gambia Rudie featured on the prince of Gambia's Trobul Smallz aka T- SMALLZ (Prince Talib) Hit Single "Run Thingz", A track that is to be released as a single and features on T-Smallz album  The prince is Trobul (we first documented this story here read more....) a video for this track was made when T SMALLZ visited the uk for the first time back in DEC 2012 so look out for this one hitting your screens soon

The current single we present to you is Rudie Rich in fine dancehall style on the puff it riddim produced by the very talented AP Recordings from Reading Uk which Rudie Voiced for fun whilst at much love studios one lazy afternoon in the summer of 2012, not realizing the take was so on point as you hear it it is as raw as it gets unmastered and on the shelf to go, Rudie has advised his team here at style and glam that this version is for promotional listening only at present and not for sale as legalistic things need to be put in place with the producer first , but also assures us that an official release of this same track will be coming soon including 2013 summer d'jango remix by Bmasterbeat productions and the analog 2 drum n bass remix. So all i can say is stay tuned keep your eyes open as we unfold Rudie Rich The artist - in the meantime enjoy the music 

Ciggarettes Smoke Dawgz and the Sensi - ZJ Rudie Rich (2013).mp3

Check out Rudie Rich via the follow link for more music he is currently in the UK Top 10 for reggae here: RUDIE RICH ON REVERBNATION