POSTED 19-03-2013

Style and glam have an exclusive world premiere for our readers, online browsers and musical fans likewise.

Over the past week one of our journalists has had the RARE Opportunity and pleasure to follow Deadly Hunta aka God Son whilst he performed at a UK show and document the whole experience from start to finish meanwhile in the process getting a exclusive first insight on his new mix-tape Resurrection Chapter.1 and Album releases. 

The first stop was a road trip to a lovely venue in Bethenal Green East London close to the borough of hackney called the Passing Clouds where The roof lifted off with an epic hour long performance by Deadly Hunta.

Upon returning back to base after a long night, and managing to hear a sneak preview exclusive of deadly Hunta's new god son mix-tape we caught up with the 'God Son  to find out about the new project.

Style and Glam™ : God Son, i have noticed on your mix-tape you have used the name God Son how did the name come about?

Deadly Hunta: Deadly looks and calmly says in a joyful way - God son was inspired by the name of my new album - Super Heru, Super Heru is an ancient god son, Heru came from Egypt  although the name was changed by the Greek to Horus , Horus being the character that Jesus Christ came from. Basically i think we are all #GodSon all the sons of god the most high

Style and Glam™ : What can your fans expect from the Mix-tape Resurrection Chapter.1 ?

Deadly Hunta : The resurrection is a 13 track mixtape on some of the latest and current dancehall riddims, The main reason that i put the mix-tape together was simply because i do not have many #Dancehall tracks on my forthcoming album Supa Heru. So i wanted to give my fans both the new and old of Deadly Hunta this free dancehall mix-tape as an added bonus.

I am originally a dancehall artiste, Deadly Hunta came from dancehall although many may know me through different genres of music such as hip hop and drum n bass tracks i have had released , But i was originally a DANCEHALL ARTISTE, and i dont think i have ever given my fans my straight dancehall side. So as well as my forthcoming Album being more Reggae and the fact that i have not ever given my listeners my Straight dancehall side, From this mixtape you can expect to hear a selection of clean, fun, respectful lady loving and of course some reality songs speaking of the current issues of today. which can be enjoyed by all....  Much Love.

GOD SON - THE RESURECTION VOL.1 MIXTAPE  IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD  to get the link follow on twitter or fan Deadly Hunta on Facebook

Resurrection Chapter.1 - Is Mixed and Mastered By : Damalistik

Written and edited by : Rudie Rich for Style and Glam™ magazine 2014





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