Bad Gyal Mish Da Fyah Sis Feat Pascal....... Posted 14-05-2013

 Hailing from RG1 aka Reading the core of Berkshire and the growing capital of uk talent are 2 individual Dynamic female Rappers Mish da Fyah Sis and Pascal who have come together to create a collaboration, This work of art has been named 'BAD GYAL' The studio track composed and mixed by another of Readings underground talents 'Tim Fury' has been gaining a lot of popularity since its release date late last month.

dropping flows like  " im chasing for the paper, to buy a crib in Barbados, get a villa in Tobago to buy a condo in Lagos, I've already got my acres in Jamaica, I show love to all my haters cause the make us the greatest..." 

Mish Rolls the lyrics out flawlessly over the first 2 verses and the hook before Pascal reinstates the meaning of what the track is about and compliments the track so cool and calm with simplicity as she maintains her position without a doubt Bad Gyal was written.

The artiste are no strangers to us here last year we featured one of pascals videos in reveiw right here at Style and Glam MagazineMish Da Fyah Sis has also rub shoulders with Style and Glam Royalty and Reporter ZJ Rudie Rich who mixed her official mix cd 'Fyah Brigade' back in 2011 which is still available for Free download exclusively via this link Click here 

 More info follow @mishdafyahsis on Twitter

To view video on you tube click on image above