ACCASIA  Posted 28/06/2012

We recently caught up with accasia singer songwriter who has the best of two worlds based between the UK and Melbourne Australia 

Style and Glam: Tell us where you are at right now in the music industry?

ACCASIA: i'm currently recording my first album which is a conscious movement / Reggae / Soul album with Kross Kultcha Productions (UK & Jamaica), EasygetMe records (United Kingdom,) Omy records (Canada) And M.II.C (Australia & Africa) 

Style and Glam: Where is this current journey in music taking you?

ACCASIA : this album if simply put focuses on social change and idea of synergy (definition: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effect.. ) synergy or some identify to it as unity creates an enhanced combined effect. My main thing with this album is collaborate with people all over the world so i can better articulate through unity in music what this movement means and why they is no better time than NOW to rise up our consciousness to the things around us and with in.

Style and glam will be catching up with Accasia again in the near future in he meantime you can find accasia here :

Accasia - Who knowS.mp3