50 CENT IN SUV CAR ACCIDENT  Posted 27/06/2012

G-Unit boss and Street King Energy Drink entrupuneer 50 Cent was involved in an automobile accident after his SUV was struck from behind by a MACK truck.

With more lives than a cat, Fifty was rushed to the hospital yesterday evening, as was the driver who struck the Queens rapper, who reportedly told police he lost control of his commercial vehicle, causing the accident.

He possibly had a brush with death again early this week when he was involved in a bad car accident in Queens. According to his website, who broke the news, he was traveling down the Long Island Expressway when the SUV he was riding in was hit by a MACK truck. The SUV flipped a few times which caused injuries to 50 Cent and the driver who were both taken to a nearby Queens Hospital.(IMC)

According to reports, 50 is ok, which is good news. This is his second trip to the hospital this year, after suffering a stomach virus in early 2012.