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 INTERVIEW WITH TENZA -  TOURING DIET......Posted 11/09/2012 

Style and Glam recently caught up with Tenza UK Based Jamaican Reggae Dancehall Diva after a 2 Month European and Africa Tour

  • Style and Glam : Tenza as an artist how important is it for you to stay healthy and what are things involve in you staying healthy and why?
  • Tenza : As an artist it is very important for me to stay healthy and fit at all time. Not only it keeps you looking great but also feeling great. I had a 8 countries on my last tour, leaving from hotels to radio and stations interviews, shows, video and photo shoots also taking flights not stop for two months. This means there is not much time to cook healthy meal and get into the gym.
  • Style and Glam : You are amazing you manage to stay so fit, you have an great body with so little time to spare. 
  • Tenza : Well This is why when I am not touring I do my own exercises, swimming, skipping, sit ups and jogging. This keeps me fit ready for high energy performances
  • Style and Glam : What type of foods do you eat  ?
  • Tenza : I have to eat well at all times, I love eating a lot but I eat healthy, I love whole-wheat food, as its more filling and healthier, I eat a lot of vegan product, like ice-cream, milk, Quorn food, lots of drinking of water etc. I was a vegan but as an artist, it did not work for me. Whilst on tour in most country I travelled to they don’t know what a vegan is therefore they do not cater for vegans, I was forced to be a vegetarian once again. but where I also added fish to my diet, fish is a lot easier to find whilst on tour and need to top up on my protein. Lol
  • Style and Glam : So you get all your energy drive from non meat produce?
  • Tenza : Eating healthy don’t mean starving yourself, you can, still have, ice-cream, cheese cakes, muffins, doughnuts just eat the vegan made alternative its lot more healthier and taste the same, you won’t be missing out on anything . You don’t have to be a vegan to try vegan treaties, I am a vegetarian but I love vegan deserts........Why not give it a try
  • For some tips on my diet and some of my meals I eat go to
  • Style and Glam : Thank you very much Tenza we look forward to meeting up again in the close future.

 Watch Waistline Crazy by Tenza : Promotional Video

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